IonCube Loader is a tool, that's required to run files which are encrypted with ionCube PHP Encoder. The aforementioned is an application designed to make PHP code human unreadable, in order to protect it from reverse engineering and not authorized usage. Various script-driven apps, particularly discussion boards, content management systems and e-commerce solutions are encoded with ionCube PHP Encoder, therefore when you get a script and you find that ionCube is among the web hosting environment requirements, you need to make sure that your website hosting server has the instrument pre-installed. Although it's not that difficult to set it up if you have your own server, it's close to impossible to do that on a shared web hosting server for the reason that the PHP environment will have to be precompiled and all clients on the server will be affected.

IonCube in Website Hosting

When you purchase a Linux website hosting package from our company, it'll be set up on our custom-made cloud platform where ionCube Loader is already installed, so you will not have any problems to run any script app that requires the instrument to run properly. We also offer you a few different versions of PHP, so if you change the version, you need to activate ionCube once again. Our system remembers the adjustments you make, which means that in case you switch back to the earlier version of PHP that was active for your account, ionCube Loader will already be enabled. Both the PHP version and the ionCube tool can be managed from the PHP Configuration area of our Hepsia hosting Control Panel. Every adjustment that you do takes literally just a mouse-click and it takes effect at once.